Chris Brown Says ‘Anger’ Triggered The Assault | News Video | MTV

November 22, 2009

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Online Extra: Is The Song ‘Crawl’ About Rihanna? | News Video | MTV

November 22, 2009

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Rihanna interviewed by Diana Sawyer – Google Videos

November 21, 2009

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One island, two Jamaicas and a ‘whole heap’ of difference | Worldfocus

November 21, 2009

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Jamaican Dancehall Ban

November 21, 2009

Last week in class we watched a short news clip entitled, One island, two Jamaicas and a whole heap of difference about the recent ban on certain types of dancehall music in Jamaica. After we watched the clip, you were tasked with writing a short response to two questions. The first question was, “Can music make you do something you wouldn’t normally do?” and the second was, “Is there “uptown” and “downtown” music in the United States? Your responses reflected an incredible diversity of opinion. Some of you thought we (humans) are completely governed by free will and nothing can influence our behavior, while others felt music could suggest, influence or encourage people to behave in ways they wouldn’t normally. In response to my question about “uptown” and “downtown” types of music, responses varied greatly as well. Some of you felt “uptown” and “downtown” music reflected divisions based on the North and South on the United States, between rich and poor and between uptown and downtown neighborhoods in NYC.


In class on Friday, I asked you to pick two responses to each question that you felt were convincing and well written. We will continue working on improving our writing about music for the rest of the semester—specifically, how can we express an opinion about music clearly and use evidence (from lyrics, review, articles and other sources) to help make an argument convincing and interesting.


Can music make someone do something they wouldn’t normally do?

No because music is just something you listen to.”

I think no because music is a feeling, a vibe, it’s the way to “dance”, not have intercourse. Although it may look like it, it is still no.”

Yes, I think it can.”

Yes because it influences people on what it says in the song.”

Yes it can. Some songs make you do things that you can’t explain.”

I believe music can influence people to do things, but I don’t think it CAN MAKE people do things. It can influence but not make.”

No, it can influence your idea of something but it won’t make you do stuff.”

Yes, I believe music makes people do things they wouldn’t normally do. Music has a way of working into your mind and the waves of the beats change you.”

I don’t know.”

I don’t think music can make people do things they don’t normally do. I think people do what they want.”

It depends on the type of the music, because calm music doesn’t make you do anything but that crazy jammin music maybe makes you.”

I personally think it’s an option to people on whether they want to change on what they normally do because the type of music.”

No, I do what I want to.”


Yes it can influence them.”

No, music is just music and it is basically something to vibe to. People just like it because the music is just to entertain them.”

I don’t think so, you do whatever you want.”

Is there “uptown” and “downtown” music in the United States?

Yes. “Downtown,” and “uptown” music happens in the USA. Most people that share the higher class don’t like listening to downtown music.”

Uptown-Rich. Downtown-Gangsters.”


I don’t know.”

Yes, because down south music sounds different and people speak different.”

No this doesn’t exist, because everyone listens to different types of music.”

It depends if the people know the songs.”

I believe that the uptown and downtown music is in the U.S., but it is not as exposed over here.”

I don’t think there’s an uptown and a downtown. I think people listen to what ever they want to hear.”

Yes, because hip hop is kind of urban and other music like country is classier.”

I feel there is a separation of uptown and downtown in the United States because there are people that feel music can engage their child to do something.”

If you like a certain type of music in anywhere, you like it.”

Uptown/downtown music is basically what you want to listen to.”

Yes there is two different types of music but in uptown they listen to downtown music too and in downtown they listen to uptown music.”

Yes. HipHop/Rap are lower class and Rock/Pop are higher class.”

Uptown and downtown music are both in the U.S.”

People in NY are divided by music. Yes, we have uptown and downtown music.”

A note to my students

November 21, 2009

After much thought and consideration, I decided to start a blog for our class this semester. I wanted to create a place to post assignments from class, videos, music and links to articles. I hope the blog will help you all stay on top of classwork and homework but most of all I hope this blog will be a place where we can continue our discussions from class and you all can voice your opinions and ideas about the topics we are studying and the music you are currently listening to. I welcome your feedback and technical expertise–let me know if you have ideas for what to include in the blog.